A key element to tackling cyber crime is information. Your information will help to build an intelligence picture which can be used by police and other intelligence units to combat fraudsters. Use this page to report suspicious activities that you think may involve in cyber crimes of any kind. If you come across any kind of online anomalies, you can report to us through this page / any one of the following social media feeds / email . Your credentials and the information provided by you will be kept secret (if you want, you can submit report anonymously also). The Information conveyed by you may save lives and helpful to make a secure cyber world. Simply report what you see suspicious in the cyber space, and we will check it out and act. With your help, we can work together to save those whose human rights have been violated and abused. Please don’t treat this as a petition/grievance filing system. It is purely for gathering information from public. Please be aware it is a criminal offence to submit a fake report.