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Cyberdome is a technological research and development Centre of Kerala Police Department conceived as a Cyber Centre of excellence in cyber security as well as technology augmentation for effective policing. It envisages as a high tech public-private partnership Centre of collaboration for different stakeholders in the domain of cyber security and handling of cyber crimes, in a proactive manner. One of the main objectives of the Cyberdome is to prevent cyber crimes through the development of a cyber threat resilient ecosystem in the state to defend against the growing threat of cyber attacks by synergizing with other departments and nodal agencies of the State. Cyberdome makes a collective coordination among the Government departments and agencies, academia, research groups, non-profitable organizations, individual experts from the community, ethical hackers, private organizations, and other law enforcement agencies in the country, with an aim of providing a safe and secure cyber world for each and every citizen in the state.

We are also linked up to many national and international cyber security collaborations as well as to the law enforcement agencies to fight against the borderless nature of the cyber crimes. In order to address the highly challenging and dynamic nature of cyber threats, apart from the Government stakeholders, the Centre is also working hand in hand with industry fraternity in public-private partnership model for equipping the Kerala Police by adapting the latest technologies, in a rapidly changing environment. The Industry and the software/technology companies are providing their technical expertise and capabilities to assist the police in various fields of cyber security and technology augmentation for effective policing. The assistance includes development of new software, providing technical assistance, sharing cyber resources, giving extensive training and knowledge sharing sessions, awareness creation, contributing to the research and adding development activities in the pertinent domains, and in a host of other emerging areas. The Centre is also aligned with lot of individual experts, who are having domain knowledge, unblemished background and committed to serve the society for a better tomorrow. Cyberdome is thus operating an online office of technical experts, ethical hackers, and competent cyber security professionals, who assist the police in the area of cyber security, cyber crime investigation and domain knowledge updating. This online office is also holding a group of specially selected experts having professional competency, who can give assistance and suggestions to the police to tackle the various cyber policing issues, cropping up in the cyber world. As mentioned above, Cyberdome is a Centre of Excellence of Kerala Police, to meet long term security challenges in the digital arena of modern world by bridging the gap between latest changes and innovations in the cyber space and skill set development of Kerala Police in combating the emerging cyber threats, and as a collaboration Centre for both public and private fraternity to converge and share the information, as well as resources that will escalate the safety of our cyber space.

Technology for Effective Policing

Kerala Police has always been in the forefront when it comes to adopting new technologies and the challenges that comes along with them.

Public Private Partnership for Cyber Security

To develop collaborative engagements through technical and operational cooperation and contribution for enhancing the security of cyberspace.

  • Sunil Varkey CISO, Wipro, India

    C0C0N conference provides a good perspective from corporate, public and government views on Information Security. A very well organized conference with excellent themes and topics covered.

  • Dr. Phil Polstra University of Dubuque, USA

    Attending c0c0n was an amazing experience. I have never felt more welcome and every talk I attended was excellent.

Our Skills

CYBER SECURITY : 95% Complete
CYBER FORENSICS : 90% Complete

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We work in a multi-stakeholder partnership platform, that coordinates the Government Departments with the law enforcement agencies, business, development entities and civil society, for effectively securing the cyber world


DGP and State Police Chief, Kerala
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