welcome to Kerala Police Cyberdome

Cyberdome is a Centre of Excellence for Kerala Police, to meet the long term security challenges in the digital arena of the modern world, by bridging the gap between the latest changes and innovations in the cyber space and the skill set development of Kerala Police, in combating the emerging cyber threats. It is envisaged as a collaboration Centre for both the public and private fraternity to converge and share information, as well as resources, that will escalate the safety of our cyber space.

Join Cyberdome - The Cyberdome also envisages an online office of Technical experts/Ethical Hackers/Cyber professionals, who can assist the police in the area of Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Investigation. Hence we are pleased to call for nominations from Cyber Security Experts/ Ethical Hackers/Cyber Professionals to be nominated as “Cyberdome Volunteers”. Based on their expertise and contributions to the Cyberdome, they will be promoted to a Cyberdome Official as Elite Member, Assistant Commander, Deputy Commander, and finally Cyberdome Commander. All interested persons may kindly register your nomination here ❭❭ Join Cyberdome ❭❭

Our Top Volunteer Contributors - We recognize and promote our volunteers' contributions in our sustainable growth and achievements. Our volunteers will be recognized as ‘Top Contributors’ once they have demonstrated great enthusiasm and excellence as an outstanding performer in their contributions to Kerala Police Cyberdome.

❭❭ Meet Top Contributors ❭❭

  • Dr Shaik Darvesh Saheb IPS DGP and State Police Chief, Kerala

    Kerala, being an information gateway, plays a leading role in the digital map of the Country. The issues in the Cyber World cannot be handled by the Police Department alone, but we require partnerships from all the stakeholders in the cyber arena, to build a safe and secure cyber world. Cyberdome is such a unique public private partnership initiative, in this direction.

  • Manoj Abraham IPS Emeritus Head, Cyberdome

    Cyberdome is a visionary initiative of Kerala Police, and I am confident that this initiative will help us in preparing ourselves in facing the latest cyber challenges and cyber crimes and also in establishing a better co-ordination with various agencies related to the cyber world. We hope that this initiative will be a forum for all stakeholders to coordinate and cooperate to build a secure cyber world.

“The issue of cyber security needs to move beyond traditional policing activities and requires a different outlook to deal with technology...”

Ransomware School

Ransomware school aims to understand, prevent and mititage ransomwares through effective collaboration


A collaborative platform for cyber security to prevent, combat, investigate and mitigate cyber crimes


The unique strength of this initiative is the "Dome Community" having 500+ professionals and practitioners


Virtual Dome is the online office of Cyberdome, where experts from across the globe work together


Cyberdome keeps an eye on the social media and analyses the same, for effective policing


Preventing technology-related violence against women and children, by creating safe and secure online space

Partner us in making a secure cyber world

Cyberdome can be built up and developed with the support of the citizens for ensuring a secure cyber world
We request your whole hearted support for this venture

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Together to make our cyber space secure

Cyberdome makes a collective coordination among the Government departments and agencies, academia, research groups, non-profitable organizations, individual experts from the community, ethical hackers, private organizations, and other law enforcement agencies in the country, with an aim of providing a safe and secure cyber world for each and every citizen in the state. It also envisages an active partnership with the industry to adopt latest technologies, tools as well as services for the Kerala Police Department, and to equip the force, to meet the real challenges of the cyber world, for fighting the emerging cyber threats, aimed against the society.



We are keen on building expertise in cyber security and transferring technologies,
enforcing policies, offering services and building products to create a secure ecosystem for a technology tailored society



c0c0n, also known as the CyOps Con, is an annual event organized as part of the International Information Security Day by the Kerala State Police. Various technical, non-technical, legal and community events are organized as part of the program. Kerala Police is constantly working to improve computer security as a whole , using "best practices" including awareness of security issues, promoting the use of security tools and providing workshops and conferences. c0c0n is a platform to discuss, showcase, educate, understand and spread awareness on the latest trends in information, cyber and hi-tech crimes.

c0c0n 2023

“c0c0n is a great example of cooperation between the public and private sectors. Working together and without borders, is the only way that we can fight cybercrime efficiently.”

“On an institutional level Cyberdome is looking for partnerships with all organisations engaged in the field of Cyber security and who can positively contribute to the Vision of Cyberdome, to make a safe cyber world.”